Mister Adam - YEAAARGH (Last Minute Goal)

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A2 200 g Screen print, Edition of 25 numbered, Designed by Mister Adam, 2020.
Measurements: 420 x 594mm. A2 Poster without frame.

Titel: YEAAARGH (Last Minute Goal)

In his life, a man can change wives, political parties or religions but he cannot change his favourite football team.
- Eduardo Galeano

Many years ago I read a book about brazilian football, called The Divine Canary, written by a dutch translator from Portuguese, August Willemsen.This book was a revelation: it was the first time I read about football, not in the newspaper or a magazine, but in a book: I realized football is so much more, it is even be a literary subject. Willemsen draws on the work of some great Brazilian writers and poets to lay bare the soul of Brazilian football and with it the soul of the land where he spent many years of his life.The book made clear to me what I have always felt as player and as a fan: football is supernatural, it is (to quote Eduardo Galeano once again) “a shared celebration or a shipwreck that takes us all down”.
My contribution to the FC Stylez exhibition is a handprinted typographic poster. I have decided to combine two dramatic cries: the euforic YEAH blends with the desperate ARGH, and they become one, because celebration and despair are closely related in football: one moment you think your team is qualifying, the next moment your opponent scores the last-minute equalizer, and its all over…

Mister Adam

Mister Adam (aka Adam Oostenbrink) is a graphic designer, printmaker, and design educator based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. From his studio/printshop he is creating multi-disciplinary works for a wide range of clients. Using both digital and analog techniques, his type-o-graphic style is unstrained, colorful, lively and outspoken.
Mister Adam has been working for global brands like Nikon, TNT Worldwide and Adidas, but also initiates personal projects that are all about experiment, research, collaboration, and high quality handmade limited editions. His work has been involved in a number of publications and exhibitions.